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Victory & Success

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Jean and Arthur talk about the spiritual components of success and victory. How affirmations will help you to achieve your goals. Find out the steps of precipitation of victory consciousness and prepare to have your paradigm shifted. Jean and Arthur brake into the video world where you can check out our show on YouTube and see Jean and Arthur http://thetrekupwardradioshow.com/wp-content/uploads/TU20170722SUCCESSECMP.mp3Podcast:… Read more »

The Dog The Dream And North Korea

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Jean and Arthur in a thought provoking show discuss Jean’s dream about mountain lions and her dog as Arthur takes a crack at interpreting it. They discuss how indoctrination occurs, and what North Korea is really doing. This is a show you want to listen to and ponder, so get a cup of your favorite hot beverage and prepare to… Read more »

The Game Is RIGGED!

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum are at it again! They are showing how we need to double check our assumptions about what we take for granted! They also dive into the 33 levels of manifestation! An eye opening show…… http://thetrekupwardradioshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/TU20160425RIGGEDECMP.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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Jean and Arthur share some secrets! With David Bowie’s passing Jean and Arthur demonstrate how music harms as much as it can heal. I Illegal immigration, socialism and the shifting of jobs off shore are all talked about. Music Credits “Let’s Dance” –  David Bowie, Nile Rodgers – EMI (1983) “Stars and Stripes Forever” – John Phillip Sousa (Composer) –… Read more »

Animal Magnetism and Returning Karma

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about the different forms of animal magnetism. Find out what delicious, ignorant, malicious, and sympathetic animal magnetism is. What happens when you ignore minor infractions of a law? Does everything come back to you? Events that seem to come out of no where? Jean and Arthur both share stories of interesting returning karma. You… Read more »

Carly Fiorina – Not What She Appears To Be

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In a show that is surely going to be controversial, Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the astrology of Carly Fiorina and her bid for US President. What was Donald Trump really seeing about Carly when he said “Look at that Face!“? Her astrology is telling us what Donald Trump was actually seeing – she is not what she appears… Read more »

China – Is War With The US Possible?

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Recently China moved 5 warships into the area near Alaska in a move many would call brazen. Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the upcoming astrology and the possibilities of armed conflict. They discuss the vision of George Washington and other related topics. On the lighter side, they talk about unicorns, woodchucks and bears. A show you don’t want to… Read more »