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War with Foreigners on US Soil!

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum look at the US Chart and indications are showing that we are at war with foreigners on US soil. Something is being covered up and the astrology is showing it. We need the Marines, Army, Navy Air Force and Coast Guard ready now! A sobering look at the portends for the next couple of months… Read more »

Scorpio The Dark Side

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum with a hot one! Find out about the energy behind the Hollywood revelations and Wiener – gate. Even Hillary is not immune to the energy. Jean gives a glimpse in whats in store for her. Jean and Arthur explore whats going on with these events and the dark side of Scorpio that is manifesting right… Read more »

TRUMP And The Media

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The media chess master is at it again. Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss how Donald Trump actually uses controversy to further his cause and gain publicity. Jean and Arthur talk about the what the second death is and the astrology at play and the karma trump may have with Hillary. Food for thought. Play in new window |… Read more »