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Hermes – Is the Law on Your Side?

Hermes Trismegistus the Ascended Master also know to us as the “Thrice Great”, The “Master of Masters”, God Mercury, “The Messenger of the God’s” shows us the real working of the universe. Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the laws identified to us through this great Master and how your day to day life and your circumstances hinges on alignment… Read more »

Marriage And The Stars!

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum invite a special guest to discuss the Stars and Marriage. Can Relationships be enhanced by knowing astrology? What if you are looking for the right one or wanting to have children? Tune in to find out as Jean Hart and Arthur Thum and Joni Thum talk about relationships marriage and the stars in a very… Read more »

Would Anyone Try To Harm Donald Trump?

In a very sobering look at the movement of Donald Trump, Jean Hart and Arthur Thum look at the elements that could cause someone to try to stop Donald Trump by assassination. Do not miss this show! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

MORE Secrets!!!

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More Secrets!! Jean Hart and Arthur Thum make a startling announcement in one “Bleep” of a show as they share some deep dark secrets! Get the lowdown on Sarah Palin and Donald Trump’s recent Announcement. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Prophecy On The Economy and What is Your Mission?

Jean and Arthur are back! After a holiday break Jean and Arthur return to the airwaves with a show that will definitely get you thinking. Jean looks at the astrology of the United States and the portends for Economic problems. Does this need to affect you negatively? Listen as Jean and Arthur discuss the use of mantra and tuning into… Read more »

The SCI-FI Show

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum tackle Science Fiction in this memorable show. Nibiru, the 12th Planet, Maldek and Hedron the destroyed planets in our solar system known as the asteroid belt, are just a¬†few of the topics they take on. Aliens in their spacecraft, abductions and all manner of high strangeness is discussed! Listen in and learn about some things… Read more »

Animal Magnetism and Returning Karma

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about the different forms of animal magnetism. Find out what delicious, ignorant, malicious, and sympathetic animal magnetism is. What happens when you ignore minor infractions of a law? Does everything come back to you? Events that seem to come out of no where? Jean and Arthur both share stories of interesting returning karma. You… Read more »

Suicide And The Media

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum tackle a couple of tough subjects – The Media and Suicide. Both Jean and Arthur have lost close friends recently to suicide. What happens when someone commits suicide? Its not what you think! If you or anyone you know is depressed or is contemplating suicide, they need to hear this show! Find out what the… Read more »

The Pope And Spiritual Intervention

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the astrology of Pope Francis and his recent visit to the US. This is the Pope like you may not have heard him described. A glimpse into the true personality behind the pontiff! Jean and Arthur talk about angelic intervention and how to call for protection for yourself and loved ones. An enlightening show!… Read more »