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The Eclipse And America!

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Jean tells us what we can expect from the effects of the eclipse in America and our lives. She sets the record straight on eclipses in general from an astrological point of view and you have got to hear this! The answer is probably not what you think. Jean interprets America’s chart to see what is up about all this… Read more »

Victory & Success

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Jean and Arthur talk about the spiritual components of success and victory. How affirmations will help you to achieve your goals. Find out the steps of precipitation of victory consciousness and prepare to have your paradigm shifted. Jean and Arthur brake into the video world where you can check out our show on YouTube and see Jean and Arthur… Read more »

America And The Ascension

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Jean and Arthur discuss America’s astrology and the danger we face from possible foreign activity on our own soil. They introduce a Non-Ascended Ascended Master and discuss balancing karma and your ascension! How you can take better advantage of the resurrection current. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

A New Years Primer – What’s In Store 2017!

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum take a look at the new year and time for financial growth. Now might be the time to do that investment. Jean and Arthur talk about Saint Germain and a warning of possible 2017 challenges! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

The Inner Cities – Got Mercy?

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We all need mercy! Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about the darkness in the inner cities, mercy and introduce us to the Goddess of mercy herself Kuan Yin and how you can invoke Divine mercy in your personal situations. Jean and Arthur get caught up on issues. Jean and Arthur talk about using Kuan Yin mantras for Divine Intercession…. Read more »

TRUMP And The Media

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The media chess master is at it again. Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss how Donald Trump actually uses controversy to further his cause and gain publicity. Jean and Arthur talk about the what the second death is and the astrology at play and the karma trump may have with Hillary. Food for thought. Play in new window |… Read more »

Astrology Of Trump’s First Year In Office

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about President Trump’s first year in office. Jean puts on the crystal ball and looks at what it would be like for Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief Year #1! Jean and Arthur also take their stand on the second amendment. Arthur gives his take on what else will be needed to truly make America Great… Read more »

Hermes – Is the Law on Your Side?

Hermes Trismegistus the Ascended Master also know to us as the “Thrice Great”, The “Master of Masters”, God Mercury, “The Messenger of the God’s” shows us the real working of the universe. Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the laws identified to us through this great Master and how your day to day life and your circumstances hinges on alignment… Read more »

Marriage And The Stars!

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Jean Hart and Arthur Thum invite a special guest to discuss the Stars and Marriage. Can Relationships be enhanced by knowing astrology? What if you are looking for the right one or wanting to have children? Tune in to find out as Jean Hart and Arthur Thum and Joni Thum talk about relationships marriage and the stars in a very… Read more »