Carly Fiorina – Not What She Appears To Be

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CARLYLookAtThatFaceIn a show that is surely going to be controversial, Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the astrology of Carly Fiorina and her bid for US President. What was Donald Trump really seeing about Carly when he said “Look at that Face!“? Her astrology is telling us what Donald Trump was actually seeing – she is not what she appears to be. Donald was not commenting on her outer beauty but was seeing what we all need to be able to see in anyone desiring to be a leader. This is a show you will want to listen to from beginning to end.  Are there other things that we are dealing with that are not what they appear to be? Jean and Arthur draw a parallel with OOPARTS and how what you have been taught in school about our origins is NOT the truth! Jean and Arthur talk about discernment and how you need to look at what is presented to you by the media in a whole different way. A very exciting show that will leave you thinking about things differently!

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