Jean HartJean Hart is no stranger to the Radio Broadcasting world. With over 28 years  in television, radio and the newspaper entertainment industry, she has racked up quite a lot of “air time” Her appearances began as a weekly regular on KCMO Morning Talk Radio with. Michael Murphy.  Jean was a weekly regular on the Randy Miller Morning Show,  Q-104 in Kansas City for years.  Randy wrote the book on humor in radio.  She has recently worked with Randy Miller doing his Randy Miller Podcast.  Jean was the star of  the television segment produced by Time-Warner “Astrology with Jean Hart” and she  had her own radio show on KFKF 94 – “The Jean Hart Astrology Show”  with co-host Rusty Walker.  Jean has also appeared on  many Television programs, news and noon editions, such as  “Good Morning America”.  The list goes on!

Jean is an internationally known consultant  in Astrology, having charted thousands of situations, using math only,  calculating the time, date and place of anyone or anything.   She conducts  seminars, practices private consultations, business consultation, even stock market predicting  including those illusive penny stocks.  She also does online classes.

Jean is a  dedicated mystic, with 34 years study of metaphysical and spiritual subject matter, as well as  studies in alchemy.  Jean has participated in countless sabbatical retreats to study the deeper mysteries of life,  retreating and fasting and praying in the mountains of Montana, for reasons of pursuing enlightenment, while trying to understand the human condition via Reincarnation and Karma. Jean is also a comedian, in all seriousness.  Jean brings this unique perspective to her astrology readings and is determined to take all on that trek upward with her.” The higher you go the more beautiful the view and the easier it is to laugh.”

About the Trek Upward Radio Show, Jean  wants to take everyone up the mountain of consciousness, to a higher place, that opens the door to the secret chamber in the heart.   She hopes to give predictions and solutions to  personal and world problems and to expose  the truth of any given news worthy story or condition by star gazing into the time, date and place of any incident on this planet, past present and future and find the humor.  The hope is to help all to stand face and conquer the  suffering in the human condition that goes on and on, and to ignite the mind with lots of comedy and fact. Most importantly  Jean will  raise the bar of radio entertainment to a  higher level of consciousness!” With her humor, heart and credentials, she is fully capable of that!


_DSC7021Arthur Thum has studied the world’s major religions, spiritual topics and metaphysical subjects for over 30 years.  Arthur frequently writes and lectures on such topics as the Science of the Spoken Word, the use of prayer, mantra, decrees and sound to bring about change and has developed the “Zen of Leadership” series for team and management of organizations using spiritual techniques. Arthur chose to pursue a career in computer technology over standard radio broadcasting after he graduated from college because as he said, “The money was better. I had opportunities to DJ but it just wasn’t lucrative enough at the time”. He has an extensive background in corporate and management consulting for Information Technology, has been an Information Technology Director and has worked with over 50 corporations and state and local governments including  the State of Arizona, Charles Schwab, Citi Bank, Huntsville Hospital, Philadelphia Newspapers, and San Antonio NE Independent School District.

It was his consulting work that actually freed him to take time off to pursue the inner mysteries of the spiritual trek. Arthur says” I was able to take the time I needed between contracts to study the spiritual mysteries and for awhile, shave my head and become a monk, metaphorically speaking!. I spent many months immersed in the core mystical roots of the spiritual path and the spiritual truths that are at the foundation of each of the worlds major religions. I continue to study and immerse myself in the understanding of the paths to enlightenment. These core truths actually tie the world’s spiritual  paths together more than outer religions have taught us or led us to believe. Current mainstream religious doctrine has left us spiritually void for the most part and its important we share the core truths to create a Revolution of Higher Consciousness.” Having studied and applied these understandings, Arthur brought that back to the corporate world where as he says, “it needs it the most!”. His friends joke that he is a “Spiritual Attorney” and a devotee of the Science of Invocation and the use of the Spoken word. “I get requests to make calls with and for people all the time, which I am more than happy to oblige, because we get results and I think its a blast! I feel the calling to take a lead in sharing this information with the nation.”

Of the Trek Upward Radio Show, Arthur says ” I have finally found the right venue to bring my study and work forward to help others in my favorite media. I have always wanted to be involved in a long term broadcasting project and the Trek Upward Radio Show gives me the opportunity to reach out to people with the information that helped me. It is great to see how now my career in technology has brought me back to the media I love talking about those things that are most important to us all. We have the opportunity now to bring people information, illumination, entertainment that will help them and that has not been available on mainstream radio…Until now…And I get to have allot more fun!” Arthur also studies astrology and is a martial artist.


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