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Crypto Currencies – Pay Attention!!

Crypto currencies are here! This is an incredible opportunity for all of us now. What are crypto currencies and why is it absolutely important that we find out how to take advantage of very possible financial gains? Jean Hart and Arthur Thum discuss the astrology that is active right now that could make the little guy, lots of money. We have a window of opportunity available to us now that we need to take advantage of. You don’t want to miss this show.

Sessions And The Gang

Jeff Sessions, Robert Mueller, George Soros and the other players. Deeply involved in political intrigue, recusing themselves from investigations, shady deals surrounding them. Who are these people really? Do they stand for Justice?   Will the American People see balanced fair Justice? Jean Hart and Arthur Thum take a look at the astrology of Jeff Sessions, George Soros and Robert Mueller to find out that answer! See the side of these people that the press will not show you.  Sessions and the Gang is a show you cannot afford to miss. Spoiler alert – Mueller may not make it! Check it out!

The Globalists- The Tables Turn

The Globalists also called the Power Elite and the International Capitalist Communist Conspiracy has been bent on stopping the Earth from becoming Freedoms star with control in the hands of the few.  Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about the globalists, who and what they are and what we need to do about it. Be prepared from some very startling revelations and Jean’s predictions for the next year. See how all of this is related to what is happening. Stay turned for the wild ride ahead of us.

War with Foreigners on US Soil!

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum look at the US Chart and indications are showing that we are at war with foreigners on US soil. Something is being covered up and the astrology is showing it. We need the Marines, Army, Navy Air Force and Coast Guard ready now! A sobering look at the portends for the next couple of months especially over the holidays. Las Vegas is showing us these events could reoccur. Find out what you can do about the portends for war. and what the astrology is telling us is behind them.

Scorpio The Dark Side

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum with a hot one! Find out about the energy behind the Hollywood revelations and Wiener – gate. Even Hillary is not immune to the energy. Jean gives a glimpse in whats in store for her. Jean and Arthur explore whats going on with these events and the dark side of Scorpio that is manifesting right now and what to do about it. We are all dealing with it.

Bannon & Trump – What Really Happened!

Jean and Arthur talk about the man Steve Bannon by digging into his natal astrology. Jean looks at the relationship with President Trump. What is the relationship really like and what actually happened in his leave from the White House? There is an opportunity of historical proportions and Steve when you read this give us a call! Its that important! Intrigued? Listen to the show and get the inside story. Find our what the fake news is doing to you!

The Eclipse And America!

Jean tells us what we can expect from the effects of the eclipse in America and our lives. She sets the record straight on eclipses in general from an astrological point of view and you have got to hear this! The answer is probably not what you think. Jean interprets America’s chart to see what is up about all this talk of war and Trump! You have to hear this show because Jean and Arthur set the record straight. A must see. This one needs to be shared with all doomsayers!

Victory & Success

Jean and Arthur talk about the spiritual components of success and victory. How affirmations will help you to achieve your goals. Find out the steps of precipitation of victory consciousness and prepare to have your paradigm shifted. Jean and Arthur brake into the video world where you can check out our show on YouTube and see Jean and Arthur

TRUMP Diplomacy

Jean Hart and Arthur Thum examine the impact of the Trump trip to Saudi Arabia and why that recent trip was so important. They discuss our roles as Americans and the attacks being waged upon the President of the United States and what we need to be doing. Look deeper into the reasons of the media attacks and our role.

The Dog The Dream And North Korea

Jean and Arthur in a thought provoking show discuss Jean’s dream about mountain lions and her dog as Arthur takes a crack at interpreting it. They discuss how indoctrination occurs, and what North Korea is really doing. This is a show you want to listen to and ponder, so get a cup of your favorite hot beverage and prepare to have your paradigms shifted! Warning — Not for the faint at heart. A truly thought provoking show.

America And The Ascension

Jean and Arthur discuss America’s astrology and the danger we face from possible foreign activity on our own soil. They introduce a Non-Ascended Ascended Master and discuss balancing karma and your ascension! How you can take better advantage of the resurrection current.

Conspiracy – Deep Ice Secret!!

AntarticaPyramidJean and Arthur are at it again. Jean has seen the light of truth! Arthur and Jean talk about the secret goings on in Antarctica. What’s down there they are not telling us about but NASA has hinted about? Jean and Arthur take a light hearted approach to a very serious topic! Whats America’s chart telling us and what do you need to do to be ready? Tune in and find out!

It’s TRUMP And It’s Not Fake News!

BreakingNEWSJean Hart and Arthur Thum announce their new show! Seeing how  President Trump has received continual bad press with much anger and hatred, its time to turn the tables! All the news that needs to be said – Not Fake News! Jean and Arthur discuss what its going to be about and how you will find them. Its Trump and It’s Not Fake News! They are still doing The Trek Upward Radio Show, but now its time to have news like we should! Current events, White house happenings, the process of making America Great again, Jean and Arthur talk about your third eye and what we are being subjected to in the media is causing great problems in America.

A New Years Primer – What’s In Store 2017!

2017horseJean Hart and Arthur Thum take a look at the new year and time for financial growth. Now might be the time to do that investment. Jean and Arthur talk about Saint Germain and a warning of possible 2017 challenges!

Reincarnation And Who You Are Now!

reincarnationIn a Christmas Eve special, Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about reincarnation and how it affects us in this life. Don’t think you have been here before? You may want to Listen before you decide. Jean gives a peek into what the cycles are for 2017!
Mantras discussed in this show:
A Kuan Yin Mantra for speaking and new Cycles – The Blue Throat Kuan Yin – NAH-MO CHING JING GWAN EEN
Discernment – Kuan Yin of the Dragon Head NAH-MO TCHE(R) JING GWAN EEN

Melania Trump In The White house!

melaniawhMelania our new First Lady. Who is she and what is she bringing to the White house? Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about Melania and what you can really find out from her astrology, Who is she really and what her white house mission may be.

The Inner Cities – Got Mercy?

kuan-yin-kcWe all need mercy! Jean Hart and Arthur Thum talk about the darkness in the inner cities, mercy and introduce us to the Goddess of mercy herself Kuan Yin and how you can invoke Divine mercy in your personal situations. Jean and Arthur get caught up on issues. Jean and Arthur talk about using Kuan Yin mantras for Divine Intercession.

NAH-MO EE ROO GWAN EEN – Kuan Yin of Oneness that counteracts war, wind, wave, explosions!

Jean Nailed it! President-Elect Donald J. Trump!

donald-trump-victory-3You heard it here first! Jean predicted Donald J. Trump’s victory in June of 2015 long before the primary season! Jean and Arthur talk about astrology and predictions and celebrate the victory of the century. They also discuss whats behind the scenes of the protests of the TRUMP victory. You don’t want to miss this show.



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